Is Hofstede’s Model Valid?

Although Hofstede’s study was pioneering in nature, and is still widely used in assessing and understanding national cultures, the results have been challenged by certain scholars on a number of grounds (McSweeny, 2002; Johnes, 2007; Thomas, 2008, Baskerville, 2003; HampdenTurner and Trompenaars, 1997; Smith, 2002). One aspect on which the critiques focus on is the […]


Impact of a Learning Environment on Employee Commitment & Creativity In order to survive in the intensely competitive business environment, companies today have to seek innovative management practices that would optimize the utilization of the enterprise resources. While traditional competitive platforms such as cost management and production capabilities which have become prerequisites to stay in […]

A Sample Literature Review

The following literature review presents existing body of knowledge, theories available literature on empowerment, employee job satisfaction, commitment, and overall influence of these factors on employee performance. Theories on Empowerment Empowerment has been a much investigated topic among scholars. According to literature, empowerment takes place when the management distributes power, information, knowledge and rewards to […]

Sample Research Methodology Chapter Extract

Research Methodology The chapter will discuss the research methodology adopted and justify the choice of a case study based methodology in conducting the study. The case selection, the data gathering process and the data analysis will be outlined in the chapter as well. Empirical research falls in to two predominant areas as quantitative and qualitative […]

Sample Marketing Plan

Executive Summary The project has been undertaken as a marketing initiative of the apparel brand, Henleys. In the recent times, the Henleys shirts has witnessed a fall in market share as well as fall in product popularity. The product is placed in the premium category by the characteristics of its pricing and product quality. This […]