Factors to Consider in New Business Venture Initiations

Starting a business is no small feat. It requires a lot of planning, making vital financial decisions and accomplishing a series of legal activities. One has to make quick decisions and take time with others. Every incorrect move when starting a business can mean the downfall of the business. So, what factors should be considered […]

Analysis of Macro and Micro Environment of Microsoft Corporation

Running Header: Business Environmental Analysis Analysis of  Macro and Micro Environment of Microsoft Corporation In today’s globalised world, organisations are exposed to a greater degree of turbulences in both its micro and macro environments. The process of environmental scanning allows a company to align its resources to take advantage of business opportunities while safeguarding against […]

Twitter For Business – Using It the Right Way

Some of us are not fully aware of the potential of the small birdie that tweet, tweet and tweet some more across the social media scene. Most of us are under the impression that Social media networks are more of a fad and have no business relevance. But, used in the right way, you can […]