The Oral Communication Process  

Communication is an important activity for humans as well as other living things. Through communication, people establish and engage in social relationships. If we consider some of the definitions of communication, Elisebeth Tierney (1995) defines it as a “process which begins when you have a message that you want to deliver to an audience. The Audience […]

Dissertation Research is Vital to Writing a Dissertation

Careful Planning and Organization will Enable the Writing of a Good Dissertation Dissertations are submitted when doing a graduate or undergraduate or doctoral degree. They require independent research and good writing on a particular area of study. Dissertation writing is similar to essay writing, although they are lengthier and more complex. For example, as with […]

An Analysis of Different Methods of In-text Citations

When writing academic papers, content of these papers needs to be researched from various sources. Some of the ideas and theories being borrowed or evidence being used to support the writer’s point of view should be given credit to within the paper. This process is referred to as citing sources. There are two types of […]

Tips on Writing GCSE Business Coursework

Good Knowledge of Business Practices are Necessary to Write a Good GCSE Business Coursework If you are hoping to follow a business degree, you may be doing GCSE business coursework. This coursework is a good way of demonstrating your knowledge of what was taught in class during the course. A business studies coursework module requires you […]

A Review of Search Engines Available for Assignment Research

Internet is one of the most widely used research tools today and students are able to search for a wide range of published and unpublished material from the worldwide web. In order to locate various sources of material from the internet, search engines are used. These search engines process a user’s key word queries and […]